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Lorraine Thomas is an Accredited Financial Coach with 36 years of helping clients with their money questions – her clients refer to some of her best advice as the "Lorraine Diet." She is also a Chartered Financial Consultant, a Chartered Life underwriter and a Chartered Fund Specialist.

Lorraine grew up in Seattle, WA and moved to Eugene, OR over 20 years ago.

After working her way through high school and college cleaning houses and working at a local grocery store chain, she decided that she was never going to enjoy being a good employee ever again. She started her own business when she was 24 years old and saved 50% of her pay for the first three years and used the "envelope" method successfully...hence, the Lorraine Diet.

She is an active member of The Fortnightly of Eugene, the oldest women's literary club on the West Coast and has served as the club secretary. She is also a member of the Eugene Estate Planning Council. She tries to do yoga every day and loves to ride her bike or walk.

Every summer her family sponsors and runs "Shana's Jump and Run," a children's track meet in memory of their daughter Shana who died of cancer too early.

Lorraine resides in Eugene, Oregon with her husband and partner John Thomas who has 45 years working in the service of financial knowledge. They come to work each day with Boo, the wonder dog who reminds them that taking time to play outdoors is really important.



Our mission is to help you navigate, one step at a time, a pathway which will lead to a desired financial outcome for savings, debt reduction, and retirement strategies.



Best if you want to develop better habits around your money.

  • Helps clients achieve life goals through better money habits
  • How to manage debt
  • Teaches clients how to use budgeting tools and spend wisely
  • Rent vs. buy – questions to ask and how to prepare
  • How to choose advisors and the right questions to ask
  • Family money issues and goal setting
  • How to plan for aging parents and how to coordinate resources
  • How to establish family spending plans
  • Real estate strategies, investments & inheritance


Best for anyone not able to keep track of their finances.

  • Offers practical day-to-day money management assistance
  • Financial monitoring
  • Bill paying
  • Short term needs or long term assistance
  • Often works with senior citizens and the disabled
  • Often referred by a CPA or Attorney


Best if you are about to retire or make a life change.

  • Experienced in the business of investing, saving and growing money
  • Can specialize in retirement or divorce planning


Lorraine takes on a collaborative approach to coordinating your financial life with your financial partners including your CPA and attorney.

  • Estate liquidity and beneficiary planning
  • Due diligence and review of existing trust and personally held insurance contracts
  • Review of insurance proposals as submitted by outside brokers
  • Reports made to advisor only

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