Who We Are


John and Lorraine Thomas have 80 years of combined experience working with individuals, families and businesses in financial services. John and Lorraine exhibit leadership within the financial industry and are deeply aware of issues and trends regarding savings plans, risk management, insurance and estate planning. Explore the services below to learn how John and Lorraine can use strategies and coordination of all types of asset accounts to achieve your desired financial outcomes.



    AFC®, CLU, ChFC

    35+ years working in financial services including:

    • Accredited Financial Coach, AFC®
    • Risk Management
    • Problem Solving
    • Asset Accumulation
    • Growing Your Investments
    • 401(k) and Allied Savings Plans
    • Real Estate Strategies
    • Planning, Beneficiary, & Legacy Planning



    45+ years working in financial services including:

    • Strategic Estate and Beneficiary Planning
    • Goal Based Retirement Planning for Target Outcomes
    • Employer Consulting Retainers for Employees
    • Retirement Planning
    • Six Years of Chairing Oregon PERS
    • Risk Management Using Insurance
    • Relationships with Trust Officers, CPAs, and Attorneys as Allied Advisors


    John and Lorraine partner to create strategies for your unique financial situation; tackling challenges and defining pathways that will increase awareness, change behaviors and lead to the fulfillment of long-term financial goals. John and Lorraine help identify and overcome obstacles that lie in your path to securing worry-free financial wellness. They can provide you with the necessary tools to successfully navigate the world of money.

    Thomas Financial Strategies & Pathways covers education and assistance on topics including: earning money, saving money, and building wealth.


      • Business professionals who are managing their own businesses
      • HR departments within small to mid-sized companies
      • Millennials looking to take control of their money and make smart decisions for the future
      • Widows and divorcees facing major life-changing events
      • Baby Boomers planning for retirement
      • Parents looking to teach their children how to make wise money decisions